Hi, friends!

I threw my back out last night. How, you ask? Simply wiping the table.

Wiping the table!

Am I really so old that if I bend over just slightly to wipe supper crumbs, I won’t be able to stand upright again?

Why, oh why does my body betray me so? Because my spirit still feels twenty, but my body is growing older.

Similarly, all of my spirited writing goals and dreams require endless time and energy to accomplish, but the actual time and energy I have available are, well, just slightly less.

Therefore, I’ve decided to change my blogging schedule. Rather than posting on the first and the fifteenth of each month, I will publish one article. And, just to throw you off, it will come out on the 27th of each month (because that’s the age I wish my body would behave like.)

This will open just slightly more time for me to focus on balancing family, writing, and self-care.

Thank you all for your support.

With love,

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