THR3E (Book Review & Parent's Opinion)

THR3E by Ted Dekker

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“Evil is beyond the reach of no man.”

THR3E, by Ted Dekker

THR3E, written by Ted Dekker, had me glued to its pages far into the night and sleeping with my lamp on (as if the extra light would keep me safe!)

Book review and parent opinion on THR3E by Ted Dekker

Things I Loved About THR3E:

  • Ted Dekker is an expert at building suspense. In over 400 pages, I never once felt that the story lagged. Impressive.
  • This book is creepy without bringing gore or perversion into the mix. It entertains, yet remains clean. NO swearing. NO sex. NO over-done bloody scenes. Just pure suspense.
  • The ending! I never suspected it. (Don’t worry. No spoilers here.) Oh, I figured I knew what was happening, or was going to happen, at certain points, but then, BAM! Ted would change things up again so that by the end of the book, I just didn’t see it coming. Ted Dekker’s ending was a plausible surprise.

My One Complaint about THR3E:

The last two chapters seemed like an attempt to wrap up the themes of the novel. I felt like I was being spoon fed to make sure I had received the message. I’d rather come to my own conclusions as to what I will take away from a book. Other than this tiny annoyance, I absolutely loved THR3E.

Is THR3E Suitable For Younger Audiences?

Like I said, THR3E remains clean. None of the content in this book would specifically concern me if my child was reading it.

That being said, you know your child best. You will want to consider whether your child has reached an age where they can handle a psychological thriller. (My personal recommendation would be: ages 13 and up.)

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With love,

Sara Jane Kehler

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