Dark Justice (Book Review & Parent's Opinion)

Dark Justice by Brandilyn Collins

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

***Spoiler Alert for last paragraph of review***

I’m looking at the 4-star rating I just gave this book, and I’m wondering: why? Why 4 stars? Was the book that good?

Book Review and Parent's opinion of "Dark Justice" by Brandilyn Collins

So, was the book that good? Well, I’ve read better; but…

Dark Justice delivered exactly what I was expecting when I saw the front cover and read the back blurb. Delivering exactly what the customer was hoping for? I’d say that’s worth 4 stars.

Dark Justice is a perfectly paced thriller.

Short paragraphs and a dialogue-driven plot had me eagerly turning page after page.

I also enjoyed how Bandilyn Collins mixed in several flash-forward excerpts from investigative questioning that takes place months after the novel’s main crisis. These intriguing scenes add variety to the main characters’ scenes where they’re constantly struggling to survive.

Do I have to like ALL the characters?

There are three heroes in this book, and they’re all women from the same family. As such, I think the author wanted me to love them all.

Yet, my favorite characters were Hannah and her elderly mom, who suffers from dementia. Their relationship is sweet, real, and adds a challenging twist to the plot. I especially liked Hannah’s mom. She is delightful and brings light into a dark plot.

The third hero – Emily, Hannah’s daughter – was a less believable character for me. She seemed like a convenient character added to make the plot plausible. Since she didn’t leave any meaningful impression on me, Emily became this vague, uninteresting shadow in the corner of my brain who dutifully, but boringly, played her roll while I read. Sorry, Emily. I just didn’t get you.

Dark Justice is a worthy read.

To sum it up: Although “Dark Justice” isn’t a deep-thinking, introspective, life-pondering read, it is suspenseful, clean, and entertaining. A worthy read.

Parent Recommendation

***Spoiler Alert***

If you’re a parent looking for clean books for your kids, I would feel quite safe recommending this novel for children ages 11 and up.

You may wish to know that its plot does include several deaths and some blood, although there is no gore. And the main characters lie when they feel they have no other choice, which may be a concern to some parents.

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