“ALL the Moms Are Stressed!”

I sat beside my daughter at our computer desk at home.

She watched the laptop screen eagerly, waiting for her classmates to join the Google Meet that her teacher now sets up every weekday morning.

What happened next made me laugh out loud…

The “New Normal” Sucks

I think we’re (slowly) getting the hang of these video chats. We’re juggling screen devices between all three children for their various meetings throughout the day and submitting schoolwork online. (How do families with more than a few kids manage this?)

And we’re trying to create somewhat of a schedule for snacks and breaks in between what feels like a chaotic pinball ride that lasts from 9am to 2pm.

I’m extremely stressed.

picture of tired mom because all the moms are stressed

Tension levels are high. One of my children cries most days. No one is enjoying this less-than-ideal situation of learning at home when the kids would rather be in school and I would rather have time to write and get housework done.

That’s not to say we don’t have laughs and good times. We enjoy each other, despite the stress. Our family is strong.

But we don’t enjoy the situation we’re in.

Back to the Desk This Morning…

So, there we were – my daughter and me – waiting for her grade two, morning-meeting, video chat to start. A few more faces began to appear onscreen. The teacher would soon begin.

Most of the children had their mics muted, as per the teacher’s instructions, but one little girl didn’t. She was quiet, though. The only sounds we could hear through her mic were other family members moving about somewhere off-screen.

Suddenly, we saw the little girl shift slightly. Then, a glimpse of her hand swished across the screen in front of us. This movement was quickly followed by a woman’s strained voice snipping:

“No, don’t touch anything… I said, don’t touch anything!” (I can only assume this was the little girl’s mother)

Then, all was quiet again while the little girl dutifully sat further back in her seat to wait again.

Comic Relief

My daughter and I looked at each other. She tried to stifle a giggle, but I didn’t bother.

Eyes wide with delight, I burst:

“See?!? ALL the moms are stressed! It’s not just me.”

We cackled together.

We weren’t laughing at the little girl on the screen, or at her frustrated mother. We were laughing with relief:

  • The relief of knowing that we aren’t the only ones feeling the pressure of this strange season we’re in.
  • The relief of receiving confirmation that, even though we may not all be talking about it, all the other moms in the world understand exactly what I’m going through.
  • The relief in seeing that, sometimes, other little girls have to deal with tired, overly snappy moms, too.

Are you a Stressed-Out Mom?

Learning at home is my struggle right now. Of course, there are many other burdens in my life. This is only the newest challenge.

What’s your struggle today? Whatever it is, you’re not alone.

Our circumstances may look different, but we share similar burdens, stresses, and pressures. We’re moms, after all.

A Prayer for Moms Who are Stressed

Dear Lord,

I’m tired. We’re all tired. Help us!


(Seriously. That’s all I’ve got these days.)

With love,

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8 thoughts on ““ALL the Moms Are Stressed!”

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  1. It’s a little easier for me. I only have one young child and this first part of the school year has been taking place at school all day. We have not had a Covid breakout at the school, but since the number of cases grew exponentially in our city, the school recently shifted to hybrid learning. My ping-ponging hours will be from lunch to mid-afternoon. Since I do volunteer work in the mornings, I won’t have much time for housekeeping or writing either. I pray that everything gets back to normal soon. And kudos to all you moms out there who have to juggle more. You’re amazing!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Oh, wow! Thanks for sharing, Dawn.

      I love the fact that even if our schedules or responsibilities look different, we all understand that being a mom and balancing everything is hard work.

      One of the positives I’ve been trying to keep in mind through all this is that our family has still been able to laugh and enjoy each other in between the stressful moments. I give God the credit for the joy!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Yup. I hate this new distance-learning. It is not good for any kid to sit on the screen for that long! We have three doing distance-learning, it is an absolute nightmare.
    I’m glad we’re all in the same boat though and can laugh about the little things together. Thanks for sharing your little “comic relief” from a difficult situation!

    Liked by 2 people

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