Pallister: Manitoba Covid Restrictions Need Balance

Manitobans, please listen to this balanced plea to Pallister regarding Covid Restrictions in Manitoba:

A Loss for Words

I rarely mention Covid. I can’t seem to find the right words. But this video, addressed to Pallister on behalf of Manitobans, expresses my sentiments quite well.

Thank you, Heather Difran, for posting this video. We should be allowed to ask questions without being shamed.

If you feel so inclined, please share Heather’s video on social media and pass it on to friends and family. Thank you.

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3 thoughts on “Pallister: Manitoba Covid Restrictions Need Balance

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  1. I agreed wholeheartedly. A BALANCED approach, or even an good attempt at one, is what I would stand behind. I cannot stand behind THIS lockdown any longer. My husband‘s grandma died, without being hugged for the last nine months of her life. My grandpa has days left, and my mom is no longer allowed to go see him. Quite honestly for them I would’ve rather seen them and had them die a month early from COVID, than leave them in solitude not knowing why.
    I now know two people who have committed suicide. One young woman and one teenage boy that were both pretty well rounded before COVID-19 hit. For my part we could start a daily COVID Restrictions death count, as these numbers will only rise. I’ve seen a change in my teenagers, especially my daughter! And I really do worry for her. Mental health isn’t secondary, it is part of the whole picture that isn’t being taken into consideration.

    I love how she said that lockdowns were for the rich. That’s exactly it. I’ve been saying all along that the ones who are making the calls – surprise, surprise – still have jobs. Their children still got to go to school. Their children got prioritized daycare. They haven’t lost homes or cottages or fancy vehicles (apparently some of them haven’t lost vacations either🙄).

    I also hear the pain of those who have lost loved ones to Covid. My friend lost her dad. It is truly heartbreaking! But right now it is getting everyone’s focus while others are being ignored as if their real pain doesn’t matter and that’s not right! My cousin died during 2020 of cancer… I couldn’t go to the funeral. My uncle drowned in 2020… I couldn’t go to the funeral. Ryan’s grandma died of natural causes… we couldn’t go to the funeral. None of them were guaranteed tomorrow. So to say: “all these restrictions are temporary and one day we will once again (fill in the blank)” really sits badly with me.
    Thanks for sharing! I may share as well if you’re OK with it.

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    1. Absolutely! Please share!

      I know we’re still stuck in lockdown, but I hope that the more people hear messages like these, the more feedback the government will get that we need things to change. This isn’t healthy. And it isn’t right. Then, again, what is right? What’s right and what’s wrong? Hard to tell anymore. We live in a gray, gray world. But none of this makes sense (hasn’t from the beginning), and it certainly doesn’t seem right.

      Thanks for your comment. I really appreciate it.


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