Letter to the Hon. Kelvin Goertzen RE: Manitoba Vaccine Passports

You and I may or may not agree about the issue of vaccine passports. If we disagree, please know that I support your right to choose your own path, as I hope you will allow me to choose mine.

Today, I wrote to the Hon. Kelvin Goertzen about my concerns regarding vaccine passports and health orders in Manitoba.

I am publishing my letter here so that if you live in Manitoba, and if you also share these concerns, you may copy this letter and make it your own.

Letter to the Hon. Kelvin Goertzen RE: Manitoba Vaccine Passports

Dear  Hon. Kelvin Goertzen,

Thank you for serving our constituency and our province. We appreciate you.

Here are several concerns I have about recent government mandates and health orders:

  1. Vaccine passports, along with health orders that segregate the unvaccinated from regular society, are dividing Canadian citizens, pitting neighbor against neighbor. Is that the kind of Canada we want to facilitate?
  1. Vaccine passports and vaccine incentives are infringing on Canadian citizens’ rights to privacy and equal opportunity.
  1. Canadian citizens have the right to accept or refuse health treatment without being ostracized, yet recent health orders and campaigns have demonized citizens who wish to fight Covid-19 via natural methods rather than take vaccines. Where has our body autonomy gone to? Why is discrimination and prejudice now acceptable in Canada?
  1. Healthy, unvaccinated tax payers are unable to access the services and facilities they’ve faithfully paid for.
  1. Young children and teenagers are being pressured by society (and our government is leading the pressure campaign) to consent to vaccines that have not undergone sufficient safety and efficacy testing. Who will protect our children from the unknown, long-term effects of these vaccines, especially when they are the demographic with the highest survival rate of Covid-19?

Thank you for hearing my concerns. I’m confident that all Manitobans can count on you to fight for individual freedoms and rights. Please bring back our Canada, glorious and free.

Sara Jane Kehler

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Please call or email your local representative to voice your concerns. Your voice matters. Every voice matters. Our government representatives need to hear from us. (Here’s a link to the Manitoba Legislative Assembly’s Directory.)

These are troubling times. People are divided. I hope I haven’t hurt any of my readers by revealing my true concerns, however, there comes a time when we must speak what we believe is true. Today, I needed to speak.

May God bless you and keep you – vaccinated and non-vaccinated. I love you all!


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6 thoughts on “Letter to the Hon. Kelvin Goertzen RE: Manitoba Vaccine Passports

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  1. Excellent tone! Very respectful and succinct.

    I am not in Canada but this is a worldwide conversation so I have some questions about the fight for freedom of choice where vaccines are concerned. What about the thousands of people that the unvaccinated could potentially infect and continue the mutation of the virus? What about the responsibility to the rest of society. Long before Covid19 travellers had to get yellow fever shots to travel to certain parts of the world and children had to be immunized against mumps and measles in order to attend public school. These measures are not aimed at diminishing the rights or freedoms of persons who may choose to do otherwise but it was for the greater good of the society.

    There were stringent laws in the Old testament aimed at keeping the society healthy. Leviticus 13 outlines quarantine periods and burning of clothes and shutting in of leprous persons. Chapter 14 even outlines steps to be taken for a diseased house. The objective was to prevent the spread to others.

    I guess my question is, especially as a Christian, do you give greater weight to a person’s medical treatment preference or the health and safety of the entire society? I give greater weight to the latter. I liken it to rules for drinking. I might prefer to drink and drive but the law is in place to safeguard the innocent people I might endanger. I can drink all I want at home where I endanger nobody. Similarly, I can remain unvaccinated if I choose but I can’t go out and mingle with others and endanger their lives. That’s my thinking. How do you think about it?

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    1. Hi, Matik. Thanks for joining the conversation. I’m afraid that by answering, however, we’ll just start a back-and-forth argument. I don’t wish to argue. The whole point of the post was to show that we are individuals with differing reasons for why we do, or do not, want to take the vaccine, and that that choice should be honored.

      It has been proven that the vaccines do not stop the spread of the virus. So, if someone wants to take the vaccine to protect themselves, they should. But we can’t stop the spread through the vaccine. (If you’d like more information on this, please visit https://vaccinechoicecanada.com/)

      The vaccines are a controversial and complex matter. We can’t tell one person they’re bad or wrong if they want to take it, or if they don’t want take it. We don’t know each other’s medical history. We don’t know how the vaccine will affect the next person. We don’t have the right to tell them to take something that could kill them.

      As a Christian, it’s my duty to act according to my conscience and according to how God directs me through his word. It’s not my duty to judge others. Especially not about their personal health choices.


      1. Hi Sara, thanks for your response. I was actually just trying to understand your view not argue. So thanks for sharing I get where you are coming from.

        This territory of people with vastly differing views, each with their data sources that support their position, is becoming an increasing reality. And in that regard I absolutely respect your choice. Nobody should force their opinion on others.

        However, as governing officials have to make certain decisions I also feel that we must be prepared having made our decisions as the Spirit leads to face the repercussions of that decision and let the Lord be our ultimate protector and judge. That means for me, if I believe that unvaccinated persons endanger my health I do not get upset, harbour bitterness or take action to infringe on their rights or break the law. I think that’s the major take away for me in these times.

        God bless you and your family Sara. Whatever your decision I pray that God keeps you and yours safe. 🙏🏽

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