How to Find Balance: My Story of Sugar Vs. Community

Can Someone Tell Me How to Find Balance? I used to be a no-sugar Mom. Have you ever fed your kids sugar and then watched (with horror) as your sweet angels morphed into sugar-crazed Tasmanian devils? I have. "So, what?" you may say. "Kids run around in hyper-drive for an hour and then they crash. We've all been... Continue Reading →

1 Easy Tool That Got Our Family Moving Again After the Holidays

After four straight days of Christmas, I am in major slug-mode... It’s 8:33 a.m. The crackling fire log on my flat-screen TV warms me from across the room. Through the living room window, I have a perfect view of our front-yard evergreen laden with inches of heavy snow. Tiny flakes still fill the air, reflecting... Continue Reading →

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