Eeeek! It’s True: I’m In a Book!

In this precious collection of comforting devotions, I share a little of my own struggle about a time when I wasn't certain whether God wanted a relationship with me. This book is filled with thoughts, stories, and assurances from over 20 Christian authors.

What To Do When Evangelism Scares You

Did I "hear" God correctly? Or did I just follow some random impulse? There've been times in my walk with Christ when I've known without a doubt that God was guiding me. Then, there are these other times when I'm not so certain...

Unshakeable Faith

"Some of the things you encounter in life may cause you to question God's validity. That’s a pretty normal response, I’d say. But that is when you have to dig deep and tap into an “unshakable faith,” as I like to call it." (Lolita Buck)

Confronting the Tension Between Housework and Self-Care

The following is an honest glimpse into my life by way of a short story, which testifies to the truth that Jesus continues to help me find balance, day by day. I hope it will encourage you to trust the Holy Spirit’s gentle guidance in your own life.

21 Practical Home and Family Management Hacks (Help for Frustrated House Cleaners)

In this final article of the "Help for Frustrated House Cleaners" series, check out these 21 practical home and family management hacks. See if they're a good fit for you and your home today.

How I Changed My Entrance, Bathroom, and Laundry Room to Fit My Family (Help for Frustrated House Cleaners)

It's time to find freedom to recognize and accept your home and your family for the blessings they are, then discover new ways to help them fit together.

Create Handy Stations (Help for Frustrated House Cleaners)

Do you believe housework is hard, that it's more like a project than a few quick chores? I've discovered a secret in the last year that helps me push past my "cleaning project" mindset. I've learned that cleaning is less overwhelming when you create handy stations throughout your house.

Christmas, Revamped: A True Christmas Story About Resilience

Excited, I called another family meeting. This time, we didn’t focus on what our Christmas couldn’t be. Instead, we brainstormed ways that we could spread love to neighbors, family, friends, and also to each other.

There’s Only One Thing You Need in this Life

I've never known want. But my country is changing quickly. People are losing jobs and being denied human rights. What will come next? Our future is uncertain. My fear leaves me grasping for an answer: What do we truly need to live?

What Does Everyday Faith Look Like? [Plus 31 Ways to Grow in Faith Checklist]

Is it possible for faith to permeate our everyday life? If yes, what would that look like, and how could we grow in that kind of faith? Today, I believe everyday faith IS possible. But I haven't always.

Operation Love Bomb: A True Christmas Story About Kindness

"We were like secret agents under a starless winter sky. Our mission? Operation love bomb." Inspire faith this holiday season by reading "Operation Love Bomb", a true Christmas story about kindness.

Navigating Stressful Seasons: When Moms Need Comfort, Too

You do it all. #Mom life is wearing you down. Life never stops throwing punches, and you're left wondering: "Am I the only mom who's struggling to bear all of this? I'm so stressed. Who's going to comfort Me?"

The Great Christmas Tree Debate: A True Christmas Story About Obedience

"Even though our family had purchased a real pine tree every Christmas for as long as I could remember, I was determined not to give up the fight until they agreed..." Inspire faith this holiday season by reading "The Great Christmas Tree Debate", a true Christmas story about obedience.

Don’t Miss Out on the Biggest Blessing of Being a Mom

Before I had kids, I thought the adage "children are a blessing" referred to all the joys I would experience as a mother. I didn't understand that the proverb held a double meaning, a double blessing...

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