Twitter Vs. A Social-Media-Phobic

“Hi. I’m Sara, and I’m a social-media-phobic.”

In fact, up until six months ago, I loathed all forms of social media. So…

Why Did I Befriend the Twitterverse?

I’ll admit it: At first, I only joined Twitter because I read somewhere that an author needs a social media presence. Begrudgingly – and oh so judgmentally – I created my profile. For shame.

Dear Twitterverse,

Please accept my apologies.

I came to you with shallow expectations. I feel differently, now.

With every roll of my eyes, I scorned your value.

With every troll I found, I disregarded genuine tweeters.

But you didn’t hold my attitude against me. You wooed me with your quick chuckles, welcoming writing community, and entertaining GIFs.

Thank you.

Twitter Vs. A Social-Media-Phobic

Although now I’m glad that I joined Twitter, as with all things, there are pros and cons.

infographic of pros and cons to joining twitter

Nice Twits

What about you? Are you new to Twitter? Want to meet some awesome people?

Let me introduce you to my TOP 5 NICE TWITS I’ve met in the last six months.

Angela Bergmann (@AngelaInGeneral)

Angela is honest, funny, and relatable. She’s a mom and a writer.

Angela has written two children’s books. You can find out more about them on her author web page: hp://

Here’s her new release:

Simon the Shortest Monster in the World

Angela also has a passion for moms who’ve lost their own mothers. Visit her blog

Debbie Jones Warren (@DebbieJWarren)

Debbie is caring and encouraging.

I’ve especially enjoyed reading her personal stories on her blog: Above All Else.

Seriously, you should check it out. You’ll be surprised by her unique experiences and perspective.

OnlyBarb (@agent99time)

Barb cracks me up! Her combination of joy and realism that she sends out into the world is a breath of fresh air.

Barb is a writer and blogger, and also has an exciting career as a 911 operator. She blogs about her job and life at

Demi Edwards (@demi_writer)

Demi is a mum and a wife and writes middle-grade fiction.

I love following Demi’s tweets because she shares openly about the highs and lows of motherhood, writing, and working in the medical profession. She’s honest, she’s easy to relate to, and that makes me feel a little less alone in the world right now.

Alison Lewis (@AliLew8)

Alison is a wife, mother, educator, and writer. She’s sent me the most encouraging tweets when I’ve been down. She’s a gem. 🙂

Alison blogs about life, faith, and hope at

Who Knew the Twitterverse Could Be So Friendly?

So, there you have it. Just goes to show that this momma can still learn new tricks and make new friends. Who knew? Certainly, not me.

What About You?

What’s your favourite social media format? Twitter? Facebook? Instagram? Other?

With love,

9 thoughts on “Twitter Vs. A Social-Media-Phobic

Add yours

    1. I actually didn’t know ANYONE on Twitter before I joined, and I think that’s part of the beauty. I can just be me, and I don’t feel obligated to follow anyone I don’t want to follow. Any connections I’ve made through Twitter are new. It’s amazing! Especially if you follow the #writingcommunity. They are all very supportive and positive.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, I’m learning to embrace the good and let go of the bad – even online.

        I have to say, ever since we started schooling our kids at home (after they shut down the schools), I’ve really appreciated the technology and internet. It allows my kids to continue interacting with teachers and friends in an otherwise isolated world.

        Embrace the good; let go, the bad. 🙂

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