Encouragement for Writers from the #WritingCommunity

I was so discouraged with my writing recently, that I reached out to the #WritingCommunity for advice.

In return, the Twitter #WritingCommunity offered me some fantastic encouragement.

Even though writing is a task often done in isolation, we can still bounce ideas around, research, learn, grow, and find encouragement with other writers. In fact, writers need other writers.

Here’s what I tweeted (from @SaraJaneKehler) on December 29,2020 when I felt so discouraged as a writer:

#WritingCommunity Did God call you to write? If so, how do you make yourself keep writing when nothing seems to be going anywhere? I can’t deny God clearly told me to write for him; but at the same time, I’m beginning to doubt I heard correctly. I’m so discouraged.

With love and grace, the #WritingCommunity responded quickly. Their notes of encouragement aren’t just for me. They’re for every writer. Read them and be encouraged!

Answers from the Twitter #WritingCommunity:

(I encourage you to look up these fellow writers on Twitter for yourself. They’re full of kindness and knowledge.)

@heathermiekstyn I was just struggling with these types of doubts this last weekend. Then the story of Abraham and Sarah was part of a devotional I did, and it reminded me of how my timing is not God’s timing. They had to wait 25 years, and their faith wavered too. Praying for you
@CMaxMan Writing is part of the spiritual formation for those writing. Our work will then influence other people in various ways. But we must glance through the kingdom glasses, and not our culture’s view of success. Let us not become weary in doing good, ...(Galatians 6:9 NIV) Writing is a life of trying, of growing, of trusting, of working, of enduring, of waiting, of learning, of releasing. Writing is surgery and therapy. #Writing is crying and laughing, inviting others to join the experience. Writing is a marathon where each step matters. Writing isn’t wanting to write or dreaming to write; it is #writing.
@SDHoward3 It took 14yrs from the time I felt God instill a love for writing in my heart and the desire to become an author until I published my book (this month lol). I fought Him tooth and nail 99.99% of the time, too. Did I doubt? Yup. Was I too stubborn to give up? Yup lol. You go until He tells you no. You wrote for Him first and if that is all you ever do, you were obedient to Him. I knew I wanted to write fantasy because I grew up on it, but it wasn't until 2017 God showed me that my audience was YA. I went through some horrible stuff as a child and God pointed to them and said, "Use your story to help them." He called you to it and He's faithful to finish
@becaalexandru Thank you for posting this. I’ve been wrestling with this all year. It’s encouraging to hear from other writers who are asking the same questions. Right now I’m torn about what direction He’s leading too.
@AuthorFulton 3 years isn't too long of a time frame. I've learned that sometimes the timing isn't right yet or the project needs to be developed more. Critique partners are great! Keep writing what God calls you to, take breaks when you need to. Resting is also good.
@MindyJPeltier Writing is one of the hardest jobs. If you're building a house there's a blueprint. You know what to do every single day. Writing is different. We're trying to connect our heart with the heart of God so we connect with the hearts of our readers. Best advice I got? Butt in chair.
@Firebrand101 I believe He did. Unfortunately the only way to know is to still do, and beyond that, whether we're meant to impact one person or many only God really knows. All I know is I've got a story I want to write and feel I need to write, so until I hear otherwise, I'm going to write 🙂 I think part of it is the idea that if it is from Him, then we'd just be able to pen it perfectly with no trouble, edits, or rewrites needed, and anything less means we're wrong.
@AMaesAuthor I struggle with discouragement. This helps some. Writing is an unfinished roller coaster ride. God has the plan, all the supplies. I will not get to a part that is not ready for me to ride. I can't get ahead of Him. I go as He says, trying to trust His plan even if I don't see it.
@theonevcp Hey whenever you feel discouraged, turn to the word of God and read a scripture. You’ll be surprised what inspires you
@blueyed_sparrow The best thing I ever did was lay my writing and all the hopes and dreams that came with it at His feet. I gave it all over to Him and trying to do that, to pray before I write. It’s hard to know what He’s doing or how He’ll use us, but just keep going. He didn’t put this fire and passion on your heart for nothing. He’s probably used your gift in ways you don’t even realize yet. Even if your writing is for you, to be a release and outlet, then you’re on the path He set for you. I’m as impatient as they come so I get it. I try to remind myself how long Joseph had to wait before he got to see what God was doing with his suffering. Not that it’s the same but good lesson nonetheless. Keep writing, keeping praying. You never know what’s around the corner
@LaDonnaBrendle God is always about timing! He calls us and He will also see us through the calling. Just continue to listen to Him and His inspiration. Write in your journal all that He says.
@carmenpeone Yes, He did. Pray against doubt, it's not from God. Then sit and get it done. You got this!
@Connectthewrite "when nothing seems to be going anywhere" is the reason God called you to write. This statement sums up life globally at present. We writers can be the still small voice of God speaking volumes to the world. Keep going in prayer.
@maggie_preston Whatever the inspiration it's within you for a reason. The noise of life can be deafening. Spend some time trying to reconnect to the inspiration. Set small goals and just keep plugging away. You can do it!
@nicolejauthor I bet he never suggested that using your calling would be an easy road. Persistence is the one quality every successful author has. If it was easy everyone would do it.
@kathryninman9 All I know is that if He put it on your heart to write, you’ve gotta stick with it. He is with you! Sending up prayers and encouragement for you, sister. Please keep going!!
@kamibratten I felt called to write. In retrospect, it is as much for me and my growth as God needing any particular story of mine out in the world
@chrislmeyers It's difficult to be a writer. Rejection is the norm. So many famous writers only got published after dozens or hundreds of rejections. Dig in. Learn. Adapt. Pray. Get feedback. Pray again. 😉 If God called you, it will work out. Keep writing.
@RitaRogersStori When in that place of discouragement, I usually turn to God and ask, what am I disturbed about today? What would You have me learn today? Today. Then I write about that.

Be Encouraged!

Whatever God has called you to – writing, business, parenting, ministry, teaching, nursing, etc. – he is faithful to work through you and your calling in his perfect timing.

Join the Conversation

What about you? Are you struggling to persevere on the path God has called you to? Please share your story in the comments below.

Or maybe you’ve recently come out of a season of frustration, and you’ve got more advice and encouragement to add. Please do!

With love,

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9 thoughts on “Encouragement for Writers from the #WritingCommunity

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  1. What a great post this is, and so encouraging to us writers! I find writing so difficult at times, and yet now it is something God has put on my heart. My biggest battle is finding enough time and headspace to actually sit at the keyboard. Between work, family, and other commitments, it is so difficult to really devote enough time to it. You are clearly a very talented writer so don’t give up! For the glory of God!

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  2. That’s amazing! I’ve always stayed away from Twitter but maybe I should join?? I have felt the same way, especially lately. I feel like people are reading my blog less and less and the feedback is even more flaky 😔
    Add to that the discouragement I recently felt when the church blog I was asked to write for now suddenly decided they weren’t going to go the blog route after all. Hours of writing for nothing! I have almost been ready to say goodbye to blogging altogether.

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