Take Your House on a Prayer Walk (Help for Frustrated House Cleaners)

You and I usually pray while either sitting, kneeling, or lying down. In other words, we’re stationary.

But have you ever heard of a prayer walk?

During a prayer walk, you physically walk around your home (or neighbourhood, etc.) to keep you focused and inspired.

Prayer Walk for a Peaceful Home (and to Reduce Cleaning Frustrations)

A prayer walk isn’t a new idea. You can find oodles of advice and prayer guides online to help you pray through your house. I’ve personally used many prayer walks to battle against evil and to claim my home for God’s glory.

But… use a prayer walk to reduce cleaning frustrations? I’d never considered it before.

Not until I read Mindy Starns Clark’s book The House That Cleans Itself: 8 Steps to Keep Your Home Twice as Neat in Half the Time*. Through this book, I’ve discovered that praying through each room of your house can bring organization into your home and lower your cleaning frustrations.

Take your house on a prayer walk for peace and organization

This House Was Made for Walking (and Praying)

I believe that if you take the time to pray through your house, bringing all your cleaning frustrations to Jesus, he will reveal surprising solutions to you. Although, they may not always be what you want to hear.

The day I prayed through my house and followed Mindy’s suggestions from her chapter on prayer walking, God pointed out three areas of my house to me:

Area #1: Grocery Mayhem

The kids were finally old enough to help more around the house, which included putting away groceries. The problem was, my pantry area in our basement was unorganized.

Which was fine as long as I was the only one putting groceries away. I knew what was there because I’d put it there.

With three extra helpers, however, my grocery mayhem was causing trouble. The kids got frustrated not knowing where to put things, and I got frustrated not being able to find where they put them.

During my prayer walk, I realized I needed to make time to clean out and reorganize the basement grocery pantry so that we all knew where the groceries belonged.

Area #2: Life in 3D

Do you remember the 3D printer I mentioned in my recent article “Outsmart Your Messy Zones?” Well… here’s a confession:

I didn’t accept that corner’s appearance simply out of my own graciousness. My “letting go” came about through this prayer walk.

While “prayer walking,” I spotted the 3D printer mess on the desk. So, I asked God to help me let go of the anxiety and resentment I felt in relation to that corner of the dining room. I really wanted my house to look orderly and not have a cluttered feel to it, but I couldn’t think of a solution.

Then, I felt God saying, “Let it go, Sara.”

Why? Because my husband and children needed to enjoy the house, too!

Area #3: Kids Should Be Kids

I’ve rarely been able to keep the kids’ rooms tidy for long. During my prayer walk, I felt God say that I needed to let go of the fact that my kids’ rooms would always be messier than I wanted them to be.

Yes, I could help them reorganize from time to time.

Yes, I could tell them to clean up their rooms and vacuum under their beds.

But I needed to let go of mom-perfectionism because my kids’ bedrooms were (and still are) their safe places, the only spaces in our house that they have free reign. And children need that freedom, especially as they become teenagers.

So, even today, when I feel that familiar “it’s too messy” anxiety rear up inside me at the sight of their bedrooms, I remind myself: “This is their safe space, Sara. Let it be for today.”

Now… Are You Ready to Take Your House on a Prayer Walk?

It’s your turn!

If you’re not sure how to pray through your house, you can download my free printable guide: Prayer Walk for a Peaceful Home. It’s a guided prayer that focuses on each room in your home as you pray for both peace and organization.

free printable prayer guide for a peaceful home

Let God partner with you to find solutions for your house management frustrations.

Print this free prayer guide for your Prayer Walk for a Peaceful Home.

Four More Prayer Walk Ideas for Your Home

Do you love the idea of prayer walks? Are you looking for more inspiration, more ways to pray over your home?

The options are endless, but here are at least four more ways to pray through your home:

  1. Pray blessings over your home, asking the Holy Spirit to fill your family members with kindness and joy, especially if there’s been a lot of bickering lately. (Try Rebecca’s helpful room-by-room blessings prayer at www.outuponthewaters.com)
  2. Pray for physical and spiritual protection over your family and home, especially if you feel unsafe in your neighbourhood. (Here are several examples of protection prayers at www.christianity.com)
  3. Use housework as a prayer walk. Seriously! (Rosilind has a great example of how she prays during chores at A Little R&R.)
  4. Pray over the activities that take place in each room of your house. (Just walk around the house and consider what you do in each space. For example, do you feel your family watches too much TV? Pray that the hold on you and your family would be broken. Do you wish your family would engage in more meaningful conversation during supper hour? Pray a blessing of communion and healthy relationships over your dining room.)

Help for Frustrated House Cleaners

Praise the Lord! God cares about every part of your life, even your cleaning frustrations! I hope that by this point in our “Help for Frustrated House Cleaners” series, you fully believe this truth.

You have recorded my troubles.

You have kept a list of my tears.
    Aren’t they in your records?

Psalm 56:8 ICB

Why don’t we quickly pray together before you continue on with your day?

A Frustrated House Cleaner’s Prayer

Dear Jesus, Thank you for caring about every part of me and about every part of my life. I love you. Father, I know my days are in your hands. I know you’re with me on good days and bad, whether I feel you or not. Holy Spirit, please help me to remember that there is not one part of my life, not one part of who I am, that I can’t bring to you in prayer. You want all of me because you love all of me. I want to grow in bringing every care to you. Please help me to do that. Amen.

Your Takeaway Challenge

Pray through your house – about your house – this week.

Step One

Choose a day this week and a time of day when you know you won’t be interrupted. Mark it as an appointment in your calendar.

Step Two

Print out my free guide Prayer Walk for a Peaceful Home and place it in your agenda, or tape it to your calendar, so it’s ready to use on the day you picked to pray.

Step Three

On the day of your prayer walk, grab your printed guide and a pen. Then, start in a room of your house that will allow you to flow easily from one room to the next until the whole house is covered with prayer.

Step Four

As you follow the prayer guide, jot down any organizational ideas or revelations that pop into your head. Always feel free to follow the Holy Spirit’s lead. Pray for whatever he lays on your heart. When you feel you’re done praying in one room, move on to the next.

Encouraging Resources

Today’s blog post is the fifth in an 8-week series of articles written to offer you hope and help for your house cleaning frustrations. It’s an honest account of my journey through Mindy’s book.

Other articles in the “Help for Frustrated House Cleaners” series that may interest you are:

  1. Sweep Away the Lies You Believe About Your Home
  2. Outsmart Your Messy Zones
  3. Create Handy Stations Around the House
  4. 4 Playful Ways to Convert Chores Into Family Fun
  5. Embrace Your Cleaning Personality
  6. How I Changed My Entrance, Bathroom, and Laundry Room to Fit My Family (Help for Frustrated House Cleaners)
  7. 21 Practical Home and Family Management Hacks

Stay tuned for more helpful articles as I journey through Mindy’s book – tidying and changing my house to work with who I am and implementing many of Mindy’s amazing tips. I hope that as you read them, you will also find hope and freedom for your own messy frustrations.

With love,

www.saralivingfree.com signature

5 thoughts on “Take Your House on a Prayer Walk (Help for Frustrated House Cleaners)

Add yours

  1. Such a great reminder about kids’ rooms being their safe place. I often need to consciously “let go” of my perfectionism as well when it comes to those rooms. While also teaching them to organize and care for their things and their space. I love the idea of praying over our houses. I often find myself praying as I clean. And yes, God definitely helps me with what to focus on. For example, I had set aside a task for myself to complete today but then became overwhelmed when it flowed into other organizational tasks that also needed to be done. God gently reminded me, “Lisa, your task for today was to put the textbooks in storage and organize under the stairs. You do not need to sort through that additional shelf; that can be done another day.” I am so grateful for His kindness and attentiveness!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I can hear God’s kindness in your story. He’s expects less of us than we expect of ourselves, sometimes. I’ve got a list of things to do for my daily routine sitting beside me right now. It goes well when I’m alone and the kids are in school. Well… school’s cancelled and I’ve gotten one tiny thing done from my routine. LOL. I’ve got to let it go. Tomorrow’s a new day again.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yup, exactly. I got nothing done today. From my list. But I baked, and cooked, and washed dishes, and did laundry, went outside with my kids, refereed fights, sent them to their rooms, and occasionally yelled. And prayed. That’s something!

        Liked by 1 person

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