How to Play Easter Trivia Egg Hunt (Another Ad-Lent Family Activity)

Our family is back with another Ad-Lent family activity!

If you’re unfamiliar with Ad-Lent (which is our family’s take on anticipating Easter), click here to find out more.

Easter is approaching, and there’s no better time than the season of Lent to teach your children about Christ’s sacrifice for them and his victory over death.

This weekend, to celebrate Ad-Lent, the kids and I played a new Easter game:

Easter Trivia Egg Hunt.

Easter Trivia Egg Hunt

It’s free, fun, and easy to prepare:

First, I printed a FREE board game that I found at (you can find it here).

Second, I hot-glued the gameboard to the inside of a file folder. Then, the children and I assembled the rest of the game, including cutting out all of the pretty paper eggs. Actually, the kids quickly grew tired of turning their child scissors around the itty, bitty paper shapes, so they took off to play LEGO – leaving me to finish the rest.


Third, I bought treats! (Optional.)

Easter Trivia Egg Hunt

Fourth, and last, I added my own Easter twist:

  • I decided to take it easy on the kids the FIRST TIME AROUND, so we followed the instructions found at for the “Easter Egg Hunt Board Game”. At the end of the game, each child traded their paper eggs for their prize of choice: two paper eggs in exchange for one Smartie or one Reese’s Piece.
  • The SECOND TIME AROUND, however, I made them work for it. This was where the Easter twist came into effect:Easter Trivia Egg Hunt

In the past, I’ve focused more on the death and resurrection of Christ when teaching my children. This year, I wanted to make a big deal about his resurrection AND the time he spent on Earth, including the Ascension. So, I used the following passages:

  • Matthew 27:57-28:20
  • Mark 16:1-8
  • Luke 24
  • John 20
  • John 21

For the trivia questions, I used the book The Extreme New Testament Bible Trivia Challenge by Troy Schmidt, but you can also find trivia questions online (like here or here), or make up your own questions.

Easter Trivia Egg Hunt

And that’s it.

For more creative Easter activities, visit my recent post How to Play Jelly Belly Bingo (An Ad-Lent Family Activity).

If you try this activity at home with your own kids, I’d love to hear about it in the comment section below.

With love,

Sara Jane Kehler

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